What was Jalen Rose's salary with ESPN? Contract details and more explored (2023)

Former NBA player Jalen Rose was one of ESPN’s biggest names, but the network let the analyst go on Friday as part of a massive round of layoffs to save money.

Cutting Rose will reportedly save the network $3 million per year.

Rose was a co-host on "NBA Countdown" and had been co-host of "Jalen & Jacoby." He contributed to the pregame and halftime shows during the network’s coverage of the NBA FInals and playoffs.

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Why was Jalen Rose let go from ESPN?

Jalen Rose got the contract promotion to his millionaire salary when he was named a co-host of ESPN’s “Get Up” morning show. Rose was then transferred after the network made Mike Greenberg the solo host of the program.

Rose saw his role diminish further when his daily show and podcast “Jalen & Jacoby” was canceled. The show ended in late 2022.

Rose had been with ESPN for more than a decade. He was their top NBA show analyst for years. The company decided he was making too much on his contract for his diminished role.

The network laid off more than 20 on-air personalities as part of budget cuts by its mother company Disney. NBA analyst Jeff Van Gundy was also let go.

Rose played in the NBA from 1994 until 2007 for the Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls, Toronto Raptors, New York Knicks and Phoenix Suns.

He made plenty of money on the court as well, totaling $102 million in career earnings. He earned more than $10 million per season in his final six seasons.

He made a career high $15.6 million with the Raptors in the 2005-06 season. He averaged 14.3 points per game in his career.

BREAKING: ESPN has let go Jalen Rose, per @nypost https://t.co/8mby04vmBn

Rose gained fame as a member of the "Fab Five" at the University of Michigan. The five freshmen are credited with changing the culture of college basketball. He led the team his freshman year with 17.6 ppg.

Rose will likely stay in the media space. He currently has a contract with the New York Post where he hosts a podcast and writes a weekly column.

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How much does Jalen Rose earn from ESPN? ›

Though not yet confirmed, there's been talk that Rose has an annual salary of $3 million per year. Many sources, including whatstheirnetworth.com have shared this regarding his salary. Since 2007, Rose has been a part of ESPN as an analyst. He even became one of the hosts of the NBA Countdown.

What is the salary of Jalen Rose? ›

Estimated Career Earnings
6 seasons$28,101,713-
1 seasons$12,072,500-
3 seasons$43,461,500-
1 seasons$1,540,000-
19 more rows

How much does Jeff Van Gundy make? ›

ESPN is cutting several personalities who make at least seven-figures a year in an effort to save some of the "behind-the-scenes" people. Jeff Van Gundy is part of that list, earning at least $1M per year.

How long has Jalen Rose worked at ESPN? ›

Rose has been working at ESPN in some capacity since 2007. The former Michigan star hosted Jalen and Jacoby and was part of the panel for NBA Countdown.

How much does Erin Andrews make at ESPN? ›

Her salary is roughly $2 million per year. Andrews' salary, however, is just a part of her income. She also has a myriad of endorsements that contribute.

How much does Max Kellerman make at ESPN? ›

Max Kellerman's broadcasting career has resulted in an estimated net worth of $6 million, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth. Although his exact salary remains undisclosed, it is believed that Kellerman earned approximately $1 million per year from his work at ESPN.

What is Stephen A Smith salary with ESPN? ›

Stephen A. Smith reportedly makes $8 million a year from ESPN.

How much does Keyshawn Johnson make at ESPN? ›

Per NY Post's Andrew Marchand, ESPN has fired Keyshawn Johnson. Max Kellerman has also been let go by the network, according to the same report. Per Marchand, Johnson signed a five-year deal worth a reported $18 million.

What is Shannon Sharpe salary? ›

But that begs the question of how much the Pro Football Hall of Famer tight end was earning. His previous contract expired in 2021, when he was earning half of what his co-host was earning. At that time, Skip Bayless was earning $6 million per year and Shannon Sharpe was earning $3 million.

Who is the highest paid sports radio? ›

Rome is one of the highest-paid sports broadcasters with an annual salary of $30 million. The Jim Rome show now airs on over 200 radio stations each weekday and is tied for the 21st most listened-to talk radio show in the US. Rome is also listed as the 29th most influential talk radio personality.

How much does the head coach of Duke men's basketball make? ›

Mike Krzyzewski's Duke Contract Paid Career-High $12.5M in 2021 Season.

Who did ESPN layoffs? ›

As part of a cost-cutting measure, ESPN is reportedly reducing its roster of high-profile sports commentators, by approximately 20 individuals. The list of those affected includes Max Kellerman, Keyshawn Johnson, Jeff Van Gundy, Jalen Rose, and LaPhonso Ellis, as per the source.

Why is ESPN laying off so many employees? ›

CNBC reported that the job eliminations are part of an effort by ESPN to meet fiscal goals for this year and beyond. This round took aim at on-air employees with large salaries, with ESPN hoping that such an approach would let it retain more staffers across the platform, according to CNBC.

Why is ESPN laying off so many people? ›

ESPN said the personalities were let go as a cost-cutting measure. "This exercise will include a small group of job cuts in the short-term and an ongoing focus on managing costs when we negotiate individual contract renewals in the months ahead," ESPN said.

Why is ESPN downsizing? ›

ESPN has been cutting its workforce as part of a larger plan by parent company Disney to increase profits, reaching its climax Friday when longtime network broadcaster Jeff Van Gundy lost his job.

Who is the highest paid anchor on ESPN? ›

Stephen A.

Smith is more of an entertainer than a sportscaster. A very successful one. At $12 million a year, he is the highest paid on-air employee at ESPN. In the digital age of hot takes, memes, and never-ending sports debate, Smith is at the forefront.

Who is the highest paid ESPN broadcaster? ›

Stephen A. Smith has worked in the sports business for over 30 years. He has been a news clerk, journalist, radio host, and TV personality, and he currently makes an estimated $15 million annually from ESPN, his podcast, and his book deal. That's higher than the median NFL, NBA, and MLB salary….

How much does Howie Long get paid by Fox? ›

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Howie Long is said to be reportedly earning $4 million annually for his work on Fox Sports and various endorsement deals.

What is Molly A salary on ESPN? ›

How much does Molly Qerim make? According to Tiebreaker, Molly Qerim's salary is estimated to be 500 thousand dollars annually.

What are the salaries of ESPN employees? ›

Average Salaries at ESPN
  • Popular Roles. Associate. $43,218 per year. Production Assistant. $42,712 per year. Editor. $67,219 per year.
  • Arts & Entertainment. Producer. $111,631. Content Producer. $77,971. Senior Designer. $67,199.
  • Media & Communications. Graphic Designer. $58,311 per year. Video Editor. $63,989 per year. Associate Editor.

What are the salaries for ESPN commentators? ›

Total Pay Estimate & Range

The estimated total pay for a Announcer at ESPN is $116,452 per year. This number represents the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users. The estimated base pay is $83,807 per year.

What is Skip Bayless salary? ›

The polarizing media personality signed an extension with the network in 2021. At the time, The New York Post's Andrew Marchand reported the new four-year deal would pay Bayless $32 million. While many sports fans may have grown tired of Bayless' shtick, it pays well.

What is Michael Strahan salary? ›

Strahan signed a new contract with ABC in 2016. It was reported at the time that the deal could almost double his "GMA" salary, to around $20 million per year. He re-signed with ABC in 2021, wth Variety reporting the deal was for four years.

How much is ESPN paying Pat McAfee? ›

How much is ESPN paying Pat McAfee? In order to become one of their top media personalities, ESPN reportedly will pay Pat McAfee an excess of $85 million over a five-year period.

How much does Reggie Bush make now? ›

Reggie Bush Net Worth
NameReggie Alfred Bush Jr.
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseLilit Avagyan
Source of WealthProfessional NFL player (retired), Endorsements, Football Analyst
Salary$2 million
6 more rows

How much does QB Josh Johnson make? ›


How much is Stefon Diggs? ›

Diggs signed a 4-year $104-million dollar extension this offseason. The Bills have restructured the contract of WR Stefon Diggs, converting base salary into a bonus and creating another $5.4M in cap space, per source.

What is the net worth of Deion Sander? ›

Deion Sanders has amassed a net worth of $50 million through his football, baseball, and coaching careers, and his investments in brands like Nike and Pepsi. Managing his wealth wisely, he has ventured into real estate, selling his North Dallas mansion and investing in properties across Mississippi and Colorado.

Is Shannon Sharpe leaving Fox? ›

Pro Football Hall of Famer-turned-talking head Shannon Sharpe has reached a contract buyout agreement with Fox Sports to end his seven-year run alongside Bayless on Fox Sports 1's "Skip and Shannon: Undisputed," according to the New York Post's Ryan Glasspiegel.

Who is replacing Shannon Sharpe? ›

McCoy is new to broadcasting; he joined FS1 in September 2022. He currently co-hosts Speak, which previously was known as Speak for Yourself. Other internal candidates include Speak co-hosts Emmanuel Acho and Joy Taylor, along with Nick Wright, who co-hosts First Things First.

How much will Tom Brady make at Fox? ›

Brady will take home a mammoth 37.5 million dollars per season. The length of the contract is for 10 years in which Brady will get the full amount agreed, making him the highest paid television analyst in the NFL.

How much does Terry Bradshaw make as a broadcaster? ›

Despite Bradshaw's other TV success, a large portion of his income comes from his contract with Fox. Estimates of Bradshaw's overall salary vary, but Celebrity Net Worth reports it is $5 million. However, estimates say that Bradshaw's Fox contract makes up $2 million of that number.

Who is the highest paid radio show host? ›

Howard Stern

Howard Stern, a USA-based radio host, is the highest-paid radio host in the world. He has a loyal following of fans who tune in to hear his unique brand of humor and entertainment. He is currently the highest-paid radio host in the world, with an annual salary of over $90 million.

What is Geno Auriemma's salary? ›

Geno Auriemma Contract and Salary Breakdown at UConn

Add that to his base salary, and Auriemma will make $3,000,000 this season, with $100,000 raises each of the next two years. That brings the total remaining value on his deal up to $9,300,000, including what he's already made this season (beginning mid-April 2022).

What is Rick Pitino salary? ›

Rick Pitino has been a coach for almost five decades

Rick Pitino's salary is estimated at $612,000, according to USA Today. This is reportedly his current salary with the Iona Gaels, although he also has several endorsement deals. The legendary coach is worth every penny.

Who is the highest-paid coach in the NFL? ›

1) Bill Belichick, New England Patriots

Bill Belichick doesn't need to do anything else to cement his NFL legacy, and it makes sense that he's the highest-paid coach in the league. Belichick has more Super Bowl wins (six) than any other head coach and ranks third on the all-time regular-season wins list.

Who no longer works at ESPN? ›

Ward and Kezirian join a long list of big names that will no longer be a part of ESPN that include Jeff Van Gundy, Vince Carter, Max Kellerman, Keyshawn Johnson, Suzy Kolber, Todd McShay, Steve Young, Matt Hasselbeck and more.

Who owns the other 20 percent of ESPN? ›

The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) is an American international basic cable sports channel owned by The Walt Disney Company (80%) and Hearst Communications (20%) through the joint venture ESPN Inc.

Who got released from ESPN? ›

NFL great Keyshawn Johnson, who became one of ESPN Radio's top morning show personalities; Johnson's former co-host Max Kellerman; basketball coach-turned-analyst Jeff Van Gundy; and NBA star Jalen Rose, who went on to become a commentator for the network, have all been let go, our sister site Deadline reports.

What are the salaries at ESPN? ›

Highest paying jobs at ESPN
RankJob TitleHourly Rate
3Team Leader$70.20
4Senior Producer$63.66
16 more rows

How much does Jalen Elliott make? ›

2021-2021Practice Squad

Jalen Elliott signed a 1 year, $92,000 contract with the Detroit Lions, including an average annual salary of $92,000.

Who is the highest paid anchor at ESPN? ›

Stephen A.

Smith is more of an entertainer than a sportscaster. A very successful one. At $12 million a year, he is the highest paid on-air employee at ESPN. In the digital age of hot takes, memes, and never-ending sports debate, Smith is at the forefront.

Who is the highest paid talent at ESPN? ›

1) Troy Aikman

According to a report from media insider Andrew Marchand, Aikman signed a five-year, $90 million deal with ESPN after he decided to leave CBS.

Who is the highest paid sports anchor? ›

Top 10 Highest-Paid Sports Broadcasters
  • Tom Brady — $37.5 Million.
  • Jim Rome — $30 Million.
  • Tony Romo — $18 Million.
  • Troy Aikman — $18 Milion.
  • Michael Strahan — $17 Million.
  • Kirk Herbstreit — $16 Million.
  • Joe Buck — $15 Million.
  • Al Michaels — $15 Million.
Apr 19, 2023

How much does ESPN pay Peyton? ›

ESPN reportedly paying Eli, Peyton Manning around $12-18 million annually for Manningcast.

What does Stephen A. Smith make at ESPN? ›

Stephen A. Smith reportedly makes $8 million a year from ESPN.

How much does Skip Bayless get paid? ›

The polarizing media personality signed an extension with the network in 2021. At the time, The New York Post's Andrew Marchand reported the new four-year deal would pay Bayless $32 million. While many sports fans may have grown tired of Bayless' shtick, it pays well.

What is the salary of Cooper Kupp? ›

They converted $13.92 million of Kupp's $15 million base salary into a signing bonus. The move creates $10.44 million in cap space for the team. Kupp has another base salary of $15 million for the 2024 season and salaries of $12.5 million and $14.85 million for the 2025 and 2026 campaigns.

How much does Kupp make? ›

Cooper Kupp, WR

In 2023, Kupp will earn a base salary of $15,000,000 and a roster bonus of $5,000,000, while carrying a cap hit of $27,800,000.

Who is the highest paid FS in the NFL? ›

Who are the highest paid safeties in the NFL entering the 2023 season? Here's a look at the Top 10 safeties in the league, ranked by average annual salary, per overthecap.com, a site that tracks NFL player contracts (through May 4, 2023). The Los Angeles Chargers' Derwin James leads the list, at $19 million per year.

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