Birth To Death Of Barbie In Real Life (2023)


Rebecca Zamolo and her daughter Zadie must experience birth to death in real life when she adopts Barbie. It all started When Rebecca Zamolo posted "Surviving Every Emotion Inside Out." Now Rebecca Zamolo has to survive all of the stages of birth to death of barbie. If her daughter can adopt Barbie and find true love the job will be done. There are other surprises but we don't want any other spoilers. Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2023!

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I adopted Barbie in real life and it gets emotional you're having contractions we need to go to the hospital no I need to get this part here it is the last one I was gonna get that from my granddaughter she's sick you know what you can have it no you can take it thank you okay now I'm gonna get some help ma'am I need you to stay calm and give me three big pushes Are you delivering I used to be one two three oh what's her name Emma who wants to take this Barbie home you adopt her and she'll always be there for her thank you I couldn't find anything is this Emma Emma meet your dad and this is Barbie you did this by yourself no the lady helped deliver her for me what lady lady right where'd she go one year old okay Emma Happy First Birthday birthday yeah yeah happy birthday I have a very special gift for you it's a Barbie your very first Barbie yes and when I had you I had gotten this Barbie right before can you believe it do you love Barbie.

Okay! Princess! Emma! I! Have something very special for you Fortune, so if anything happens to Mommy and Daddy, you get to keep the key.

Why don't you keep this for now? There's one more huge surprise.

Upstairs I just want to make sure it's set up, so I'll call you when it's ready.

Okay, it's way right here, be right, back you're, one years old, already Emma, it's gonna be so excited when she sees this Emma's gonna love the secret dollhouse that we built for her.

Who was that Emma, hey wake up wake up, wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Your mom has no pause, no okay, seven years old class.

You are here at detention, which means you did something bad before we get to working I want you to each.

Let me know why you are here, starting with you miss Emma, someone tried to take my Barbie I just wanted it back.

I heard about that altercation.

There is no reason to get physical, yes, Sophia, I'm here, because I personally think Barbie dolls should not be allowed at an elementary school they're literally for babies and nerds.

That's an opinion, not the reason.

You're in detention.

Connor I'm here because I was defending my friend Emma I would do anything for her.

This isn't fair life's, not fair.

To take this.

You guys open your books start working.

This is detention.

Looks like there's no teacher here to save you.

Nerd girl, hey, give my Barbie back all you've got.

Is this dumb Barbie give it to me? Why should I hey you're, not supposed to call me? I, have detention right now sure I'd love to have a date in the library.

It's not even like this Barbie can help you make friends.

I gotta go I'll text.

You, okay, give me my doll bag, girls, girls.

What is going on have a seat in your desk.

What is happening? Sophia took my Barbie doll and she won't give it back.

Did not.

It just fell on the floor.

So I picked it up for her.

That's not what happened.

Emma! You need to stop bringing that Barbie doll to class Sophia.

Give her back her doll.

Fine! It's not like this doll's gonna bring your mom back.

Hey Emma detention is not done.

Youtube start studying and working I gotta.

Take care of this Emma Emma.

You cannot just leave the tension, Sophia's so mean to me.

She makes fun of my clothes and everything I do and if I don't bring this doll to school I, don't know what I'm gonna do.

Listen, Emma I know losing your mom was tough, but a doll's not gonna, make anything better.

I wish it could hey kids get back to work, it's not fair.

I can't bring you to school near all.

I have left in my mom okay.

What's this I'll come to life and be your best friend, but once I find your true love my time as a human comes to an end, I wish you could come to life, but you can't you're just a Barbie, hello, Emma Barbie.

Are you real I think so? Yeah, yes, I am the note, worked no I'll come to life and be your best friend, but once I find you true love my time as a human come to an end.

Come on.

I have to show you to my dad dad.

This is Barbie.

Hi Barbie, hello, isn't Emma the best.

It's pretty great dad.

Can you please get ice cream, I, don't know I, don't think now's a good time, please what's ice cream, it's a yummy, cold dessert with so many different flavors.

That sounds delicious, see that Barbie hasn't had me.

Please, please: okay, everybody in the car, yay you're, gonna love, ice cream, Barbie I can't wait I'm, so excited, listen! Emma I have a lot of work.

I need to get done, but I'm doing this.

For you look out Barbie.

Are you okay, I think? So what was that I think we were in a car accident? Are you okay, dad dad dad dad dad he's not breathing? We need to call 9-1-1 I'm, really sorry about what happened to your dad.

I just can't believe he's gone.

I won't.

Let anything happen to you.

I promise we're both here, for you looks like you have no parents now.

What are you even doing here? This is for friends and family.

Only who are you you look like that stupid doll she used to carry around, don't listen to her.

Your dad gave you you're wearing it.

It's your family fortune I, give it all to happen back.

I'm Barbie, yes- and this is the birth to death of Barbie program, I, didn't think being Barbie was gonna, be this emotional emotional.

Well, you have to find Emma true love to pass this program.

Okay, exam fam, make sure that you are subscribed.

We just hit 40 million subscribers and I'm getting ready to do a huge giveaway.

Do it now, 13 years old, 98.99, a hundred hairbrush, nothing so Emma I was thinking after school.

Today you and I could go get ice cream I actually can't today, I have to go.

Hang out with friends.

You've been hanging out with friends all week.

I know I've just been super busy.

Is it just me or does it feel like Emma's lying to Rebecca? You mean Barbie, it's okay, you're popular, and that is a great thing, especially if I'm supposed to find you true love go ahead.

Hang out with your friends.

Maybe we can do it this weekend, I have to head to school.

I'll, see you bye, Barbie bye.

You know what maybe I can surprise her after school and invite all of her friends to ice cream.

Great idea, Barbie Emma, Sophia Connor, you three have been in detention all week, Emma she's in detention.

What's going on, I'm, not gonna, be friends with her until she stops making fun of my friends, you mean that weird girl that dresses like a Barbie she's, not weird and her name- is Barbie whatever nerd she sent attention because she was defending me.

Besides, her Emma has no friends from her friend shut up.

Nerd, hey the neighbor boy's a nerd.

She should not hang out with him.

You three need to get along you're gonna keep coming into detention until you get along I, get back to work, foreign she's, taking Emma's backpack you're 14.

Aren't you too old for Barbie coloring books? What happened Emma just hit me your mom she's, getting bullied.

If our other friends were here, this would not be happening.

I need to talk to the principal principal Keeling.

It's Kenly I knew I can once anyways I'm here to discuss Emma who's in detention right now and she is getting bullied.

Wait who are you again? I'm Emma's, Guardian, I'm Barbie, so anyways like I, said she's getting bullied and I.

Think you need to do something about it.

If it's in detention the teachers will handle that okay.

You know what.

This would not be happening.

If all of her friends were there if Emma's friends were here yes, Emma's birthday is tomorrow, I'll just invite all of her friends and surprise her.

You know what could I have the class list with all of their names and numbers, if you say so, send perfect she's gonna be so surprised, even though you cannot help with detention.

You are going to make her surprise party, the most epic birthday ever.

Thank you so much, oh, no Barbie I mean Rebecca, thinks she's doing something nice for Emma.

This is not gonna end well, have a Barb tastic day.

Are we talking about the same Emma I thought Connor was her only friend Emma wake up happy 14th birthday s make a wish before you eat this I have a huge surprise, for you downstairs really yeah, let's go you have to keep your eyes closed, oh I! Can't see that's the point? What is it Barbie? You have to tell me.

You can open your eyes? Yeah.

We are having an epic pool party and I invited your entire class, all of them.

Yes, all of your friends, I finally get to meet all of your friends, happy birthday, Emma, Barbie I'm, not so sure about this.

They should be here by now, but they're, probably running a little bit late.

Why don't we just take the cake I want them to see this entire spread.

This is for you, so let's just wait till they get here, Barbie, no one's coming.

What are you talking about? Nobody got no friends, none, they all hate me and they think I'm.

Weird I can't no, but but she's been hanging out with all of her friends.

I'm sorry I was at chess appreciation Club, but I got her.

This I know how much she likes.

Barbie, oh yeah, can you leave it there I'll be back, feel free to take a cupcake.

I was right.

She was lying.

She has no friends.

Why are you so happy about that? At least the neighbor boy? Connor is nice to her hey, Emma, I'm, sorry, I told you I had friends I, don't want you to not like me, I like you, no matter what I'm here, because of you and besides I, have to find you true love.

True love I'm, not even popular you're right.

It would be so much easier if you were popular.

I am Barbie and there is one thing I know, and that is how to be popular.

Do you trust me? What's Barbie gonna do to her? Do you think she'll be able to find true love? Thank you.

That's Emma, Emma! You look glamtastic really I am positive.

You will now become the most popular girl in school step.

One of finding true love and I almost forgot.

You need your backpack and your little backpack is that a Louis Vuitton everyone is going to die when they see this now go have the best day ever at class.

Bye, bye, bye, she looks gorgeous.

I did good look at their reactions.

Hey Emma, hey! Is that a Louis Vuitton backpack yeah, it is, do you want to get ice cream after school? Sure I don't like where this is going, can I come no.

It's working that girl that used to bully her now wants to get ice cream with her one step closer to finding true love, high five Barbie 18 years old.

This prom dress is so cute.

Oh my gosh.

It's so fantastic, no wait! The bully and her are best friends.

She must be really popular and this one.

Oh, my God I love that one.

That would look so good on you, but it's two thousand dollars who cares Emma I can make that dress for one-fourth of the cost, really uh-huh anyways speaking of prom.

Who do you want to go to prom with I? Don't know, but as long as he's popular I think I know someone who wants to ask you to prom really? Is it Connor Barbie? Can you get us two Cokes and a glass bottle like now Emma? Actually, that sounds good.

If you don't mind, Barbie yeah, so go on sure Emma thanks so anyways.

You should totally get that two thousand dollar dress.

You think yeah.

It looks so good.

It's super cute, okay, my mom just texted me I probably have to call her back.

Okay, foreign might be popular, but she is horrible.

I must have it, but if this doesn't work, we'll just go to plan B either way we'll get our family's Fortune I gotta go that boy's, not her best friend she's trying to steal her family's Fortune, but the bigger question is: who is she talking to? Did I just hear that correctly is Sophia her best friend trying to steal her family fortune.

I know I didn't like her I need to let Emma know: okay, Connor hey.

What did your mom say? You know moms anyways! Well, here you go Emma and Sophia.

Here are your Cokes? Oh, we don't eat those anymore.

Emma I have to tell you something.

What is it Emma I have a surprise? Does it have to do with prom uh-huh? It's right outside.

Don't worry close your eyes.

Okay um Emma, oh no, I'm gonna have to tell her after this.

Are you ready, yeah? Three, two one wait.

You gonna follow me Ryan, yes, she's going to prom, her necklace is gone.

Sam fam was it there earlier, go back and look I'm, so excited I'm, so excited I, think we're gonna be prom king and queen I'm, pretty sure so much.

This is so cool I have to go, get my dress code she's, going to prom with the most popular boy and she's one step closer to finding true love, but now I have to tell her that her best friend is trying to steal her family fortune.

Oh, my gosh I cannot believe that Ryan asked me to come.

Thank you so much Sophia, Emma I have something to tell you.

Sophia is trying to steal your family fortune.


Look your key! It's gone! Sophia I would never I heard her talking to someone on the phone.

Her plan was to take your family fortune.

This whole time, Barbie's just trying to sabotage us because we're friends, she's just jealous no I'm not jealous I, just want to save Fortune Barbie's.

Just trying to set me up.

Maybe she stole it.

What I would have never Emma? No way? That's not true! Is it? Let's check your purse fine Emma, to prove to you that I wouldn't never feel it look lip gloss powder, What Barbies.

How could you Barbie? Did it there's no way I would literally you put it in there I'm just glad.

You know the truth.


Well, I'll see you at prom.

The bully totally set her up.

I just don't know how Emma you have to trust me.

I would never do that to you.

I would never steal your family fortune.

Then how was it in your purse? Barbie? You tried to steal my family fortune.

No I would never.

Please don't come to prom you're.

Joking we've been dreaming about this about this life.

True love, you can leave.

I need some time alone.

Please Barbie, Emma I would never leave.

Oh no Rebecca has to do something, but she's not allowed to go to prom.

What do you think she's gonna do I had to improvise? Plan B will happen at prom.

Did you hear that what is Plan B I know that Emma does not want me to go to prompt, but I have to protect her, so I just have to figure out a way to get to prom without her knowing a disguise.

Well, what's the opposite of Barbie, it looks like Wednesday Barbie is going to prom, it's Wednesday, you know I'm pretty sure prom's on a Friday or Saturday.

No Barbie is Wednesday.

I said: go away, Barbie corner Connor.

What are you doing? Hi Emma, hey I, thought you might want some ice cream.

I love ice ice cream.

If you went to prom with me.

Oh that's really nice, but Ryan already asked me.

The popular guy, yeah I thought he's he's what a nice guy, because he is.

Okay, look I'm, sorry um! This is really nice, but you can keep it.

You've been a really great friend, but I can take care of myself now.

I'll guess, I'll, see you around see you around foreign Emma has no idea that it's me I'll go get us some drinks thanks, perfect! Thank you.

I heard you're gonna be prom.

Queen I need to fix my hair I'll be right.

Back Sophia, Plan B is all set, I made sure she's gonna be prom queen soon.

We'll have her Fortune meet me by the bathrooms later.

Who is she talking to? She? Has a plan set up to steal a fortune, but I don't know who she's working with? Who is that Connor her next door, neighbor has been betraying her this whole time get off me Barbie you're, working with Sophia distill, her family fortune? How could you I don't know I would never do that to Emma I heard everything I would never do that to her, but I think I knew who is follow me.

Do you think he's telling the truth? Sam fam I don't know, but I have to find out.

I'm gonna go use the bathroom real, fast I'll, be here, okay, foreign.

Do you remember the plan yeah Ryan's working with stuff I knew it.

I took the crown in this.

The second she puts it on her head, Emma and hello.

Fortune I think we're gonna poison her when she becomes prom queen, then there's still her Fortune, which is gonna, be ours babe.

What are you doing? We need proof.

What you're gonna see us guys, I thought Ryan was our true love.

I mean he's the most popular but I guess it doesn't work like that in the real world.

I really hope this plan works out because I can't afford to lose Emma.

It's time to announce this year's prom king and queen.

This year's King is Ryan out of my head, and this year's prom queen is Emma.

Oh, can I Crown her.

Absolutely thank you.

Oh careful, the Craig, Fortune Barbie I told you not to come to prom.

Not only are they trying to steal your family fortune, they are a couple.

That's so not true, and you have no proof actually I do they were kissing earlier when you were in the bathroom, Sophia, Brian and yeah.

This is the poison that they dipped the crown in.

How could you I'll take that and I'll take you to the authorities, young man I'm, so sorry, I'm, so sorry about how I treated you you're, the only real friend I have you're my only real friend to Emma I love.

You I love you Barbie! Now, let's get out of here.

Okay, it's not so bad Connor, okay, young lady you're, in a lot of trouble.

You were never the most popular anyway.

You don't deserve that fortune.

I! Do she was never your friend! She was just a bully.

Do you mind if I talk to him, of course, not I'm, really sorry about how I treated you you've always been there for me and you're? My true love Barbie! Oh no! What's happening to Barbie wait! Do you know the note say something when Emma opened it as a kid? That's why I fulfilled my purpose? You 've hunt your love, I'm, so happy for you, goodbye Emma! Thank you.

You are my best friend and I.

Don't know what I'm gonna do without you.

It's gonna be okay! I'm here, for you thanks, I beat the program that didn't end like I thought it would zamfam.

What's the clue Maddie here, it is find laptop on Warehouse, room, zamfam click and watch this video right here.

Add this clue to that one.

So we can figure out how to stop whoever's doing this.

Are you okay, Matt yeah? This just hits different being a girl's ass come on.


What is Barbie's real age? ›

First introduced in 1959, the Barbie doll is officially 64 years old. If Barbie doesn't exactly look like a baby boomer, it might be because when Barbie was released she was meant to be 19 and plastic dolls aren't usually subject to the aging process.

What is the real story of Barbie? ›

Barbie was created by Ruth Handler who co founded the toy company Mattel with her husband. She said she got the idea for the toy after seeing her daughter ignore her baby dolls and instead play with paper dolls of adult women. Barbie named after Ruth's daughter.

What year was Barbie born? ›

Barbie's official birthday is March 9, 1959, the day she was unveiled to the toy industry during New York Toy Fair. Barbie first appeared in her iconic black-and-white striped swimsuit.

How old is Barbie now in 2023? ›

Barbie's official birthday is March 9, 1959 even though she was 19 years old when she was born! If you consider Barbie to have been 0 years old when she was born, she would be 64 as of March 9, 2023. If you consider the fact that she was born at age 19, Barbie would be 83 years old as of March 9, 2023.

Is Barbie 17 years old? ›

Barbie's age has fluctuated since she was introduced; early on, Mattel described her as 19 years old, but she is often shown as an older character in adult careers. The first episode of Life in the Dreamhouse even jokes that she is over 43 years old.

What is Ken's real name? ›

Kenneth Sean Carson is a fashion doll and fictional character invented by Elliot Handler and introduced by American toy company Mattel in 1961 as the counterpart of Barbie, who was introduced two years earlier.

Was Barbie ever a mom? ›

Barbie has been the woman who can do anything and everything yet in all that time, Barbie has never become a mom. There are a few possible reasons for that but the likeliest one is that Mattel has simply never really envisioned Barbie in a mom role.

Has Barbie had a girlfriend? ›

While some on social are wondering how Barbie snagged a girlfriend before them, or when exactly she came out, Aimee Song weighed in to make the relationship Twitter-official. “I am the girlfriend,” Aimee tweeted, alongside a photo of herself and her Barbie likeness wearing her “Love Wins” t-shirts.

Did Barbie have a sister? ›

Did you know #Barbie has 3 sisters? Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea.

Who is the oldest Barbie? ›

Handler created a personal story for the very first Barbie doll. She was named Barbie Millicent Roberts and she was from Willows, Wisconsin. Barbie was a teenage fashion model.

Is Barbie 60 years old? ›

The first Barbie doll was officially unveiled on March 9, 1959, at the New York Toy Fair and 60 years later she's still a sensation among children and the adults who grew up playing with her and her friends.

Does Barbie have children? ›

Among the rooms was a nursery for a Barbie baby, which posed a problem: Barbie is technically not married and, technically, she can never have a baby.

Is 14 too old to play Barbies? ›

As experts would tell you, there is no age limit for dolls. It may seem unusual in this day and age, but several 12-year-olds still play with dolls. And in a world where the internet is widespread, this may be a good thing.

Is Barbie 20 years old? ›

The first Barbie doll hit shelves in 1959, making the iconic toy 64 years old in 2023.

Is Barbie 63 years old? ›

Barbie age

Barbie was first manufactured in March 1959. This would make the very first doll 63 years old.

Who are Barbie's 4 sisters? ›

It turns out the sisters — Barbie, Chelsea, Stacie, and Skipper — actually have a last name: Roberts. This means that Barbie isn't a one-named wonder (even though she's iconic enough to be). Her full name is Barbie Millicent Roberts. This content is imported from twitter.

Is Skipper Barbie's sister? ›

Skipper Madison Roberts was the original little sister of Barbie, and has been quite popular over the years. When she first came out, she was an alternative for parents who did not approve of Barbie's adult figure.

Who is Barbie's enemy? ›

Raquelle is a major character and the main antagonist in Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. She resides in The Raquelle Mansion. She is Ryan's twin sister and is also Barbie's frenemy.

Who is Ken's wife? ›

Eliza is a NPC character in the Street Fighter series of fighting games. She is the wife of Ken Masters, and the sister-in-law of Guile (as he's married to her older sister Julia).

Is Kelly Barbie's Daughter? ›

Kelly Roberts is the younger sister of Barbie, Skipper and Stacie and the older sister of Krissy. Kelly was introduced in 1995 and retired in 2010.

What is Black Ken's name? ›

Malibu Ken, the first African-American Ken doll, came along in 1982. Growing up, my parents didn't buy me Barbie dolls because they didn't look like me.

Did Barbie ever marry? ›

Barbie and Ken were married at Faraway Castle, in Plasticity,” Béatrice told me. “The bride bought her dress from The Fairy Godmother shop and her shoes from the Cinderella Store. The groom wore a suit from The Prince Charming Emporium.

Who is Barbie's secret sister? ›

Barbie had a sister—Bild-Lilli, a buxom, flirtatious and racy doll marketed to men. And though the risqué 1955 doll has largely been overshadowed by the success of the American toy, she plays a part in the origin story of an American icon.

What is black Barbie's name? ›

In 1968, Mattel created Christie. Christie had the same body as Barbie so that their clothes were interchangeable. But her face was a new design intended to highlight the facial features of a Black woman. Many consider Christie to be the first “Black Barbie.” Christie was part of a series of talking dolls.

Did Barbie and Ken break up? ›

Ken met Barbie in 1961 on the set of their first television commercial together. The couple fell in love and started dating. Barbie broke up with Ken on Valentine's Day in 2004.

Who is Barbie's oldest female friend? ›

Barbie® has lots of best friends, but her oldest friend is Midge® (shown here), who she grew up with in Willows. Barbie was even Midge's maid-of-honor at her wedding to Alan in 1991. Barbie® doll's boyfriend, Ken®, debuted two years after Barbie® in 1961.

Who is real life Barbie husband? ›

Personal life

She is married to Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Shkrabov, her childhood friend. However, Lukyanova said that she does not want to have children or a "family lifestyle." Lukyanova is a strict raw vegetarian, living on a liquid diet.

Why is Skipper not blonde? ›

Physical Appearance and Personality

Skipper is a natural blonde, but she dyed her hair brunette. She is a young teenager, and she has light skin and blue eyes. In her recent appearances, she has highlights in her hair, in colors such as blue, pink and purple.

Is Chelsea Barbie's Daughter? ›

Chelsea Roberts is Barbie's youngest sister. She was originally named Kelly, but she was known as Shelly in Europe. She was renamed Chelsea in 2010 so that she could be known worldwide by one name.

Is Barbie and Ken siblings? ›

Barbie and Ken are one of pop culture's most famous couples. But the plastic dolls were named after real people, and they weren't a couple – they were siblings.

Is there a down syndrome Barbie? ›

We are proud to introduce a Barbie doll with Down syndrome to better reflect the world around us and further our commitment to celebrating inclusion through play.” To ensure the doll accurately represents a person with Down syndrome, Barbie worked closely with the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS).

When was the first pregnant Barbie? ›

Midge (Barbie)
Midge Hadley
The controversial "pregnant" Midge doll
First appearance1963
Created byMattel
In-universe information
3 more rows

When did Barbie get divorced? ›

Breakup that rocked the world: Ken and Barbie shocked their fans -- and the world -- when the doll world's "golden couple" went splitsville in 2004.

How old is Ken? ›

Technically, Ken has no official age (he is a doll, after all) although he was first introduced as Barbie's boyfriend on March 11, 1961, which means he has been around for 62 years.

Is Ken younger than Barbie? ›

Good news, Hammer—Barbie digs younger men.

Her longtime BF Ken is two years younger than Barbie, debuting in toy stores in 1961.

What does the oldest Barbie look like? ›

The first Barbie wore a black and white striped swimsuit and her signature ponytail. Toy buyers were skeptical because Barbie was unlike the baby and toddler dolls that were popular at the time. They doubted she would be successful, but Barbie took the world by storm.

Who is Barbie's dad? ›

George Roberts is Barbie's dad in Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures (Series). No one knows how he looks since he doesn't appear in doll form. But recently, the Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures came out with George and his wife, Margaret.

Where is Barbie's dad? ›

Barbie's dad is a widower who lives with his daughter Barbie, her pet Pupcorn, and their Housebot in a high-tech house situated in a huge tree on planet Para-Den.

How old is Skipper? ›

Skipper is a 14-year-old technology wiz. Her age was confirmed in the Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures episode "Baby Sister Babysitter." She has naturally dark brown hair. Her hair often has purple, pink, or blue streaks. In Barbie's Vlog, Barbie says it was Skipper's idea.

Is 7 too old for a doll house? ›

So what age is good for a dollhouse? Almost any child pre-teen or younger can benefit from dollhouse play, but the sweetest spot is often between four and nine years old. Their imaginations are going full steam, and they're always looking for new ways to pretend.

When should kids stop playing Barbies? ›

Some kids may lose interest in dolls around the age of 5 or 6, while others may continue to play with them into their pre-teen years. There really isn't a "magic age" at which all children suddenly stop playing with dolls - it varies from child to child.

What age do children stop playing? ›

A new study from the folks at Let's Play reveals that once kids hit age 9, they stop playing as often.

When did Barbie turn 50? ›

March 17, 2009 Turning 50 is said to be a time when people evaluate their life and think about how differently things turned out to how they'd imagined.

How old is Barbie boyfriend? ›

Barbie's boy toy is 40 years old. Mattel debuted the Ken doll in March 1961 and he's been Barbie's boyfriend ever since.

What is Barbies full name? ›

Barbie is an 11-inch- (29-cm-) tall plastic doll with the figure of an adult woman that was originally modeled on the German Bild Lilli doll (produced from 1955 to 1964), a risqué gag gift for men. The Barbie target demographic is young children. Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

When did Barbie get a belly button? ›

Even though Barbie has been everything from an astronaut to a computer engineer (what a kerfuffle that turned out to be), it wasn't until 2004 that she got a belly button. And it wasn't until 2016 that Mattel announced it's introducing three new body types to its Fashionistas range of dolls.

What age is Ken and Barbie? ›

Technically, Ken has no official age (he is a doll, after all) although he was first introduced as Barbie's boyfriend on March 11, 1961, which means he has been around for 62 years. (Barbie was created in 1959, which would make her 64.)

How much older is Barbie and Ken? ›

Barbie® doll's boyfriend, Ken®, debuted two years after Barbie® in 1961. Ken® doll's official birthday is March 11, 1961 – making Ken® 2 days and 2 years younger than Barbie®.

What year did Barbie and Ken break up? ›

Ken met Barbie in 1961 on the set of their first television commercial together. The couple fell in love and started dating. Barbie broke up with Ken on Valentine's Day in 2004.

Who is the oldest human Barbie? ›

Iris Apfel, the lovable 96-year-old fashion icon, is officially the oldest person to ever be turned into a Barbie doll, CNN reports.

What age do girls stop Barbies? ›

In most cases, by the age of nine or ten, children have completely abandoned the traditional toy and doll. It is therefore highly unusual for a 12-year-old child to play with a doll.

Do 7 year olds still play with Barbies? ›

Some kids may lose interest in dolls around the age of 5 or 6, while others may continue to play with them into their pre-teen years. There really isn't a "magic age" at which all children suddenly stop playing with dolls - it varies from child to child.

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