Ben 10 Watch Order: The Complete Series and Movies Guide (2024)

Ben 10 centers on a young boy named Ben Tennyson who acquires the Omnitrix, an alien device that resembles a wristwatch and contains the DNA of various alien species. With the help of the Omnitrix, Ben can transform into powerful aliens with various abilities. The Omnitrix initially contains ten aliens, but later Ben obtains more species by adding their DNA.

In this article, we are going to bring you all the Ben 10 movies and series in the proper chronological order. Alongside the chronological order, we are going to bring you some additional info on the movies and the whole franchise, mainly through answering some burning questions, but also through the production info about the movies you’re going to receive.

How Many Ben 10 Episodes and Movies Are There?

As of November 2021, the Ben 10 franchise consists of five animated series and five animated movies. The total number of episodes that have aired so far is 415, spread across a total of 22 seasons of the five animated shows (not all of them are directly connected). This is a list of the shows:

Ben 10(2005)113December27,2005April1,2006
Ben 10(2005)213April29,2006October28,2006
Ben 10(2005)313November25,2006April14,2007
Ben 10(2005)413July7,2007April15,2008
Ben 10: Alien Force113April18,2008August31,2008
Ben 10: Alien Force213October10,2008March27,2009
Ben 10: Alien Force320September11,2009March26,2010
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien120April23,2010December10,2010
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien212February4,2011April29,2011
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien320September16,2011March31,2012
Ben 10: Omniverse110September22,2012November17,2012
Ben 10: Omniverse 210November24,2012February2,2013
Ben 10: Omniverse 310February9,2013April6,2013
Ben 10: Omniverse 410October5,2013December7,2013
Ben 10: Omniverse 510February15,2014April19,2014
Ben 10: Omniverse 610October6,2014October17,2014
Ben 10: Omniverse 710October20,2014October31,2014
Ben 10: Omniverse 810November3,2014November14,2014
Ben 10(2016)140April10,2016November22,2017
Ben 10(2016)240February19,2018October26,2018
Ben 10(2016)352February23,2019November30,2019
Ben 10(2016)440January19,2020April 11, 2021

As for the five movies, they are:

  • Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix (2007), part of the original Ben 10 (2005) continuity
  • Ben 10: Race Against Time (2007), a live-action movie
  • Ben 10: Alien Swarm (2009), a live-action movie
  • Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens (2011), a CGI-animated movie
  • Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie (2020), part of the reboot Ben 10 (2016) continuity

Ben 10 Chronological Watch Order

This section is going to list the Ben 10 franchise in the proper chronological order. The order doesn’t coincide with the actual release order, but we’ve opted to go with the plot as a relevant factor.

Ben 10 (2005)

Ben 10 Watch Order: The Complete Series and Movies Guide (1)

Original Release: December 27, 2005– April 15, 2008
Number of Episodes: 52

Benjamin Tennyson is a 10-year-old boy2 who dreams of becoming a hero in order to help his neighbor. While camping, during his school holidays with his cousin Gwen who is very mature and intelligent and his grandfather Max, he discovers, in a space escape capsule crushed on Earth, a watch-shaped object with strange powers, called the Omnitrix, which attaches itself to his wrist.

Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix (2007) – watch alongside Ben 10 (2005) S04E05

Ben 10 Watch Order: The Complete Series and Movies Guide (2)

Release Date: August 10, 2007
Running Time: 71 minutes

The Omnitrix is a very complex weapon and this episode is a very good explanation and overview of it. The creator of the Omnitrix is called Asmath. He belongs to the race of aliens that Ben can transform into, the Grey Matter. While Ben was fighting Dr. Animo with Eyegu, he previously activated the DNA bomb that puts the Omnitrix into SDM (self-destruct mode).

Ben 10: Race Against Time (2007)

Ben 10 Watch Order: The Complete Series and Movies Guide (3)

Release Date: November 21, 2007
Running Time: 67 minutes

The holidays are over for Ben Tennyson, his cousin Gwen and their Grandfather Max. At the end of the summer when Ben discovered the Omnitrix all three return for the return to their hometown of Belwood, to the despair of Ben, who must therefore stop playing superheroes to resume a normal life. However, this ending is not as calm as it would have thought.

Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens (2011)

Ben 10 Watch Order: The Complete Series and Movies Guide (4)

Release Date: March11,2012
Running Time: 69 minutes

Ben finds himself in a deserted Bellwood and is attacked by his alien forms but in reality it’s just a bad dream, and he finds himself in class with a bad grade. Back home, his parents put him in penance and he finds himself doing the research for school; but then the Omnitrix emits a strange light that makes the computer and the history book disappear, then Tetrax Shard appears on a mission to bring Ben to Azmuth for an Omnitrix problem.

Ben 10: Alien Force

Ben 10 Watch Order: The Complete Series and Movies Guide (5)

Original Run: April 18, 2008– March 26, 2010
Number of Episodes: 46

Five years after the events that occurred in the first series, the now 15-year-old Ben Tennyson is back in normal everyday life. Gone are his hero days, Ben took off the Omnitrix and quickly went from being a child to acting like a confident boy. However, the mysterious disappearance of Grandpa Max prompts him to once again don the Omnitrix and, along with his cousin Gwen and a completely changed Kevin Levin, to try to locate him.

Ben 10: Alien Swarm (2009) – watch between Alien Force S03E10 and S03E11

Ben 10 Watch Order: The Complete Series and Movies Guide (6)

Release Date: November15,2009
Running Time: 69 minutes

Viktor Validus has been missing for several weeks. His daughter, Elena, tells Ben that she had lost sight of him for a few years, and asks him for help in finding him. Helped by his acolytes, Ben must stop the proliferation of the “Swarm” before it infects the world. The group then engages in a race against time, despite protests from Ben and Gwen’s grandfather, Max.

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Ben 10 Watch Order: The Complete Series and Movies Guide (7)

Original Run: April 23, 2010– March 31, 2012
Number of Episodes: 52

A few months have passed since the Ben 10: Alien Force finale. Ben, now 16, continues his heroic career with the Ultimatrix, a new and improved version of the Omnitrix. However, a young fan of him discovers his identity and makes it public. Although he easily gains the trust of children and his classmates, he also has to face the mistrust and open hostility of several adults, including in the media, who see him as a threat.

Ben 10: Omniverse

Ben 10 Watch Order: The Complete Series and Movies Guide (8)

Original Run: August 1, 2012– November 14, 2014
Number of Episodes: 80

The series follows the story of the now 16-year-old Ben Tennyson, the bearer of the Omnitrix, a watch-like device that allows the user to transform into all 60 aliens in its database. After the pursuit of the evil clown Zombozo, Ben is left alone in Bellwood as her cousin Gwen goes to college and Kevin has found a job near her college.

Ben is sorry but he finally becomes a lone hero. In any case, Ben’s grandfather, Max Tennyson, who already knew of Gwen and Kevin’s departure, assigns him a new partner: Rook Blonko.

Ben 10 (2016)

Ben 10 Watch Order: The Complete Series and Movies Guide (9)

Original Run: October 1, 2016– April 11, 2021
Number of Episodes: 172

The hilarious 10-year-old Ben Tennyson is back younger at 6-8 years old in this reboot of the popular animated series that originally aired between 2005-2008. Ben Tennyson embarks on an adventure he goes through with Grandpa Max and Cousin Gwen during the children’s summer vacation.

Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie (2020)

Ben 10 Watch Order: The Complete Series and Movies Guide (10)

Release Date: October10,2020
Running Time: 72 minutes

In this film, Ben travels around space to stop a new threat that can lead Earth to total destruction.

Do You Need to Watch Ben 10 in Order?

Seeing how the franchise has five series and five movies, not all of which are part of the same narrative continuity, we strongly advise you to follow our watching order if you want to understand everything you need. Ben 10 is not really that confusing in the narrative sense, but this order will make it easier for you.

Will There Be More Ben 10?

As for the animated franchise, we have no news regarding future Ben 10 episodes, but seeing how popular the show is, a new installment is more likely than not. Still, we currently know that HBO Max is producing a live-action Ben 10 series as of 2019, slated to be released later on the platform. Since then, no news has been published by Warner or HBO.

Ben 10 Watch Order: The Complete Series and Movies Guide (2024)
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